The History

Drew Manor is carefully positioned between the mature trees
to preserve the property’s natural atmosphere.

Drew Manor’s History

Photo: Yaisa Tangwell Photography

Photo: Yaisa Tangwell Photography

Photo: Yaisa Tangwell Photography

Photo: Yaisa Tangwell Photography

When the Drew family purchased the property in 1989, it was an overgrown Cocoa Estate dating back to the 18th Century, which had been desolate for years. Starting his exploration into the land, Nicholas Drew cleared the first road through the property single handedly with a cutlass, which was later filled and compressed using the family station wagon. Months later, the hill, that The Manor sits on was discovered amongst the Cocoa and Palms Trees. Many of which still exist today.

The family home was built on the property in 1998, carefully positioned between the mature trees to preserve the property’s natural atmosphere. Known as “Drew’s Country Club” as it was used for entertaining regularly, the home was always filled with people. Fourteen years later, after being uninhabited for over five years, the concept of Drew Manor was envisioned. Amanda Drew looked past the tall weeds and moss that had engulfed her family home, and saw the natural beauty of the property. 

A true family project, the renovation from home to venue began in October 2011. Nicholas Drew, whom by profession is a Civil Engineer, paired his expertise of building and design with his daughter’s experience of the events industry. Keeping the natural ambience, and overall functionality in mind throughout the transformation process.

Whilst enlisting the support of locally based interior designers, architects and landscapers to create a space that was sophisticated and elegant, yet unpretentious. They created a unique venue, with the structure and ambiance of a house, paired with superb facilities inside and out.

In December 2012, Drew Manor hosted their first event. Managed by Amanda Drew, aligning her passion for events and eye for detail with her love of the property, Amanda has created her dream career—and a dream venue for weddings and corporate events alike.